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C# Coding Standard: File Name and Comments

01 July, 2023


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I consistently strive to adhere to the highest coding standards and adopt a pragmatic approach in my software development endeavors. Presented below are the file naming conventions and comments guidelines of the C# coding standards that I rigorously apply in my projects.

Files :

The following are the naming conventions and guidance for naming C# files.

Class Files :

File names should follow the PascalCase convention followed by the file extension .cs.


Partial Class Files :

Partial class files are files that contain nested classes related to a root file. For example:


Each of the previously validations and exceptions is implemented as partial classes, with each one designed to represent distinct facets of a given class within a multi-dimensional context.

Comments :

Comments can only be used to explain what code can't. Whether the code is visible or not. I dont like to write comments unless it's needed.

                        // This is a comment

Copyrights :

Comments highlighting copyrights should follow this pattern:

                        // ---------------------------------------------------------------
                        // Copyright (c) Something about Copyright
                        // Anything we want to mention
                        // ---------------------------------------------------------------

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