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Saddam Hossain Weekly #3

17 November, 2023

Issue #3 of the Saddam Hossain Weekly:

Check out what's new this week and enjoy the read.

The biggest .NET virtual event

November marks the Month of .NET, a highly anticipated period for every dotnet developer. During this month, developers eagerly await the release of the latest version of .NET, filled with excitement as they explore its newest features.

.NET Conf, now in its 13th year as a virtual event, continues to elevate the online conference experience. Renowned for its commitment to delivering a world-class and engaging virtual platform, the organizers ensure a seamless experience for attendees worldwide. The event has evolved significantly, both in content and global outreach, boasting an impressive attendance of over 100 thousand live viewers. Additionally, .NET Conf proudly sponsors numerous local events across the globe, further extending its impact and fostering a sense of community within the expansive realm of virtual connectivity.

The performance of .NET is continuously improving
.NET Conf 2023:

.NET Conf 2023 Keynote - Welcome to .NET 8 []

.NET 8 is here! Find out what is new for .NET developers across all workloads including cloud, mobile, desktop, web, AI, IoT, and so much more.

Full stack web UI with Blazor in .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Daniel Roth, Steve Sanderson

Building Cloud Native apps with .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Glenn Condron, David Fowler

Performance Improvements in .NET 8, ASP.NET Core, and .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023 []

David Fowler, Stephen Toub, Jonathan Peppers

What's New in C# 12 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Mads Torgersen, Dustin Campbell

Packing light with VS Code and the C# Dev Kit | .NET Conf 2023 []

Burke Holland, Leslie Richardson

Entity Framework Core 8: Improved JSON, queryable collections , and more… | .NET Conf 2023 []

Arthur Vickers, Shay Rojansky

.NET 💖 AI | .NET Conf 2023 []

John Maeda, Scott Hanselman

Build Intelligent Apps with .NET and Azure | .NET Conf 2023 []

Luis Quintanilla, Maria Naggaga

What’s New in .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023 []

David Ortinau, Maddy Montaquila

Building and scaling cloud-native, intelligent applications on Azure and .NET | .NET Conf 2023 []

Scott Hunter

Improving your application telemetry using .NET 8 and Open Telemetry | .NET Conf 2023 []

Noah Falk, Sam Spencer

Building resilient cloud services with .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Martin Tomka

Integrating Blazor with existing .NET web apps | .NET Conf 2023 []

Ed Charbeneau

.NET is the best backend for your JavaScript frontend | .NET Conf 2023 []

Jiayan Chen, Daniel Roth

ASP.NET Basics for Experts | .NET Conf 2023 []

Layla Porter

Integrating Third-party Services with .NET 8's Identity Framework | .NET Conf 2023 []

Kiah Imani

.NET App modernization and cloud migration: Cross Platform Enterprise focus | .NET Conf 2023 []

Ben Prejean

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Steve Smith

Introducing project Kiota a client generator for OpenAPI | .NET Conf 2023 []

Vincent Biret, Darrel Miller

Meadow.Cloud and Azure, putting the “I” in IoT | .NET Conf 2023 []

Bryan Costanich

Uno Platform 5.0: Elevate Your Cross-Platform .NET Development with .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Jérôme Laban, Francois Tanguay

Azure API Center and ASP.NET Web API Integration: A Developer's Guide | .NET Conf 2023 []

Julia Kasper

CQRS with Event Sourcing using the “Critter Stack” | .NET Conf 2023 []

Jeremy Miller

From Zero to Hero: Quickly Migrate Web Apps with Azure App Service | .NET Conf 2023 []

Gaurav Seth

Dynamic PGO | .NET Conf 2023 []

Andy Ayers, Egor Bogatov

Hardware Intrinsics in .NET | .NET Conf 2023 []

Tanner Gooding

App Service the best place to host your .NET 8 Web Apps | .NET Conf 2023 []

Byron Tardif

In .NET 8, ASP.NET Ate | .NET Conf 2023 []

Safia Abdalla, Stephen Halter

What's new in System.Text.Json | .NET Conf 2023 []

Eirik George Tsarpalis

Tiny, fast ASP.NET Core APIs with native AOT | .NET Conf 2023 []

Damian Edwards

Learning C# and .NET with freeCodeCamp! | .NET Conf 2023 []

Scott Hanselman, Quincy Larson

Leveraging the power of the .NET platform in Azure Functions | .NET Conf 2023 []

Matthew Henderson, Fabio Cavalcante

Visual Studio Updates for .NET Devs | .NET Conf 2023 []

Sayed Hashimi

Everyday C# - A blend of modern and time tested features | .NET Conf 2023 []

Bill Wagner

ASP.NET Core Authentication Simplified | .NET Conf 2023 []

Stephen Halter, Jeremy Likness

Migrating .NET applications to Azure | .NET Conf 2023 []

Mike Rousos, Olia Gavrysh

.NET Containers advancements in .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Chet Husk, Richard Lander

Build hybrid apps with .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023 []

Beth Massi, Eilon Lipton

What's New in NuGet for .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Allie Barry

What's new with WinForms | .NET Conf 2023 []

Merrie McGaw, Klaus Loeffelmann

Best Practices for Cross-Platform .NET 8 Applications | .NET Conf 2023 []

Nick Randolph

Vertical Slice Architecture: How Does it Compare to Clean Architecture | .NET Conf 2023 []

Luke Parker

Generative AI for the .NET Developer | .NET Conf 2023 []

Aaron Powell

Bye ASP.NET WebForm, Welcome Blazor: Transform your ASP.NET WebForm Chatbot in no time, and beyond! []

Justin Yoo

Create an enterprise Copilot extension for Visual Studio Code through Semantic Kernel | .NET Conf 23 []

Kinfey Lo

Concurrent Hosted Service in .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Saeed Esmaeelinejad

We are not just a .NET Community, we run our community on .NET | .NET Conf 2023 []

Augustine Correa

Understanding Role-Based Access Control with ASP.NET Web APIs | .NET Conf 2023 []

Aditya Oberai

Spatial Data with Entity Framework Core and .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023 []

Giorgi Dalakishvili

Building generative AI powered bots with Teams Toolkit and AI library for .NET | .NET Conf 2023 []

Ayca Bas, John Miller

Building Multi-Tenant ASP.NET Core Applications and ABP Framework | .NET Conf 2023 []

Alper Ebicoglu

Reactive programming with .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Enis Necipoğlu

How Amateur Devs & Infrastructure Engineers Built a Million-Dollar App | .NET Conf 2023 []

Werner Rall

Visual Studio updates for F# | .NET Conf 2023 []

Petr Semkin

From IL Weaving to Source Generators, the Realm story | .NET Conf 2023 []

Ferdinando Papale

Let’s catch up with C#! Exciting new features in C# 9, 10, 11 and 12! | .NET Conf 2023 []

Filip Ekberg

Two ways of migrating old ASP.NET web apps to .NET 7/8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Tomas Herceg

Unleashing the Power of Cross-Platform Development with Avalonia UI | .NET Conf 2023 []

Mike James

Design UI agnostic cross-platform applications with .NET | .NET Conf 2023 []

Dan Ciprian Ardelean

Unlocking the power of the Fluent UI Blazor components | .NET Conf 2023 []

Vincent Baaij, Denis Voituron

Experimental C# Interceptors: AOT & Performance for free | .NET Conf 2023 []

Stefan Pölz

Migrating a React Application to Blazor | .NET Conf 2023 []

Samson Amaugo

How to Achieve Optimistic Updates with Blazor and EF Core | .NET Conf 2023 []

Emanuele Bartolesi

EF Core database model first - take it to the next level with Power Tools CLI | .NET Conf 2023 []

Erik Ejlskov Jensen

What's new in F# 8 | .NET Conf 2023 []

Tomáš Grošup

Modernizing Rx.NET | .NET Conf 2023 []

Ian Griffiths

Building next-gen applications with event-driven architectures | .NET Conf 2023 []

Teena Idnani

Using .NET and Azure to build a green supercomputer for Vestas | .NET Conf 2023 []

Anders Lybecker, Tess Ferrandez-Norlander

Lessons from a data science startup using F# and dotnet in a developing country | .NET Conf 2023 []

Eduardo Bellani

Building beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS | .NET Conf 2023 []

Chris Sainty

Blazor-testing from A to Z | .NET Conf 2023 []

Egil Hansen

It's C# All The Way Down! Using .NET for home automation with IoT devices | .NET Conf 2023 []

Sammo Gabay

Community Toolkit Roundup | .NET Conf 2023 []

Michael Hawker, Gerald Versluis, Sergio Pedri

Blazor Puzzles and Answers | .NET Conf 2023 []

Jeffrey T. Fritz, Carl Franklin

Learn how to improve .NET application performance leveraging Azure Code Optimizations|.NET Conf 2023 []

Jan Kalis, Ryan Kahng

How to build a story generator application for children with .NET MAUI and Microsoft Azure | .NET Conf 2023 []

Héctor Uriel Pérez Rojas

From databases to API: an efficient solution both on-premises and in Azure | .NET Conf 2023 []

Davide Mauri

CoreWCF - It's not just for modernizing old WCF apps | .NET Conf 2023 []

Matt Connew

GitHub Copilot Tips for .NET Developers | .NET Conf 2023 []

Mark Downie

Build .NET MAUI Apps with DevOps | .NET Conf 2023 []

Sweekriti Satpathy, David Ortinau

Building planet scale .NET apps with Azure Cosmos DB | .NET Conf 2023 []

Justine Cocchi

COM Source Generation: An evolution of COM interop in .Net | .NET Conf 2023 []

Jackson Schuster

Use C# with Godot to make Games! | .NET Conf 2023 []

Michael Hawker

Unleashing Cross-Platform Magic in .NET 8: Creating .NET MAUI Apps on Linux with Visual Studio Code | .NET Conf 2023 []

Bruno Capuano, Luis Beltran

Monitoring of Containerized .NET Applications in Azure | .NET Conf 2023 []

Ye Gu, Scott Kinghorn, Kayode Prince

Build an Azure OpenAI powered .NET 8 Chat Bot on your data from scratch | .NET Conf 2023 []

Chander Dhall

.NET Configuration In Depth | .NET Conf 2023 []

Chris Ayers

All About C# Source Generators | .NET Conf 2023 []

Shawn Wildermuth

AI and .NET with Semantic Kernel | .NET Conf 2023 []

Evan Chaki, John Maeda

Introducing Grial Studio for .NET MAUI | .NET Conf 2023 []

Diego Rivero, Pablo Germano

Building 3D apps with .Net MAUI and Evergine | .NET Conf 2023 []

Jorge Cantón, Javier Suárez Ruiz

Reverse proxying is easy with YARP | .NET Conf 2023 []

Sam Spencer, Benjamin Petit

Mobile Application Development with C# only: Unifying Markup and Business Logic | .NET Conf 2023 []

Pedro Jesus

Cloud-Bound: Stack Overflow Teams Embraces Azure | .NET Conf 2023 []

Wouter de Kort

To the cloud with minimal changes: A pattern to make your app reliable | .NET Conf 2023 []

Matt Soucoup, Nish Anil

Improve your ASP.NET core web app performance using Azure Cache for Redis | .NET Conf 2023 []

Catherine Wang, Marc Gravell

Make a template for your template; profit! | .NET Conf 202 []

Rob Conery

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