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Saddam Hossain Weekly #4

24 November, 2023

Issue #4 of the Saddam Hossain Weekly:

Check out what's new this week and enjoy the read.

.NET and C# Top Picks :

.NET Aspire presents an opinionated, cloud-ready stack designed for crafting observable, production-ready, and distributed applications. Here are some exceptional examples and mechanisms for deploying .NET Aspire.

What Is .NET Aspire? The Insane Future of .NET! []

How to Deploy .NET 8's New .NET Aspire Stack []

There are lots of things coming with .NET 8 and ABP v8.0.

ABP Community Talks 2023.8: What’s coming with .NET 8 & ABP v8.0 []

YouTube :

What is the Shared Kernel in Domain-Driven Design? []

YouTube Shorts :

C# 12 new feature: Default Lambda Parameters #shorts []

Weekly Dose of Humor :

When I try to integrate a complex framework by following its documentation []

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