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Overview & Features
Tools and Technologies

Confidently Build Production-Ready CRUD Using N-Layer Architecture


Everything You Need To Build Production-Ready CRUD Operation With N-Layer Architecture

Solid Architecture

Built with Best Practices

Monolithic Application

Clean Source Code in a Well-Defined Solution Structure

N-Layered Architecture

Dependency Injection

Swedish Farm House
Swedish Farm House

Based on Strong Frameworks

Built on tools you already know

.NET Core 8.x (cross-platform support)


Dapper, ADO.NET - Raw SQL

Cross-Cutting Concerns

Balancing Cross-Cutting Concerns


Implemented Logging Source Generator for High-Performance Logging

Exception Handling


Swedish Farm House
Swedish Farm House

High-Quality Testing

Testability is so Important

Testable Architecture

Enforce software architecture with architecture tests through NetArchTest.Rules

Includes unit test written with xUnit

The application contains more than 80 unit tests.

Swedish Farm House


Production-Ready N-Layer Architecture

Clean Model Layer: Ensures tidy data models.

Data Layer: Manages context and configurations.

DTO Layer: Handles requests and responses.

Clean Repository Layer: Organizes use cases efficiently.

Powerful Service Layer: Executes business logic effectively.

Shared Layer for common utilities.

Elegant Presentation Layer: Enhances user experience.

And More...

Other Highlights


Advanced Rate Limiting Use Cases

Utilizes Various NuGet Packages

Swagger Integration

Postman Collection

After exploring This source code You Will

Confidently use N-Layer Architecture to build amazing CRUD for your next project
Set up production-ready applications with industry best practices
These key features collectively empower your business with a robust and scalable solution.

Change Logs

Note: The change logs here provide summaries of major changes.

Version v1.0 (25-February-2024)
Initial Version.
Road Map

I am constantly getting feedbacks from my customers to improve the application. Here, some of the features will be implemented in the next versions:

Upcoming Features
Improvements on current features

I am adding new items here as I clarify them. All these features and much more will also be available for our current customers.

The items on road map are subject to change based on customer feedbacks and internal decisions.

Who is this project for?
This project is aimed at individuals seeking to acquire proficiency in implementing N-Layer Architecture in practical scenarios and leveraging it to develop testable and maintainable systems.
Got it. This must be expensive, right?
Not at all. The cost is
USD 99
I've received a cheaper offer for this type of project. What makes you the preferred choice?
The primary focus is on service, with a commitment to integrity, affability, and adherence to the best standard coding practices. As a passionate .NET developer, I confidently deliver well-architected, production-ready apps with clean code. I have consistently applied these principles in building systems over the past 10 years.
Could you provide a personalized offer for a web-based application that meets my specific requirements?
Absolutely, I'm ready to create a customized offer for a web-based application that aligns with your unique requirements. Kindly share more details about your needs, and I'll be happy to provide a personalized quote.
What environment do I need to run the project?
To run the project, you will require the following components on your Windows operating system: Visual Studio 2022, Microsoft SQL Server 2019, and the .NET SDK version that I utilized in the project.
Do I get lifetime access?
Absolutely. You can access the source code forever, including any future updates, with no extra payment.
How about a Custom Project ?

Since 2014, I have successfully completed over 150 small to mid-level projects for clients across various industries throughout the world, consistently delivering on time and within budget.

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