This page is an index of the projects I am currently working on and I had worked on before.

I have worked on numerous projects throughout my career, collaborating with a variety of clients. While I am unable to share specific details of these projects due to my commitment to honoring non-disclosure agreements with my clients, I can confidently state that these experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various areas.

Active Projects

I am currently developing a number of projects as my own products, and I am actively working on them.

Blazor AI Writer

Blazor AI Writer: The Next Generation AI Writing Solution. Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds. Discover it.

Blazor Boilerplate

Blazor Boilerplate is a web application template designed to help developers quickly create and deploy modern web applications using Microsoft's Blazor framework.

Health Care

Automated Shift Booking Technology for Healthcare Agency Staff. Simplifies the management of agency shifts and timesheet approval processes, holiday calculations and more.

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker

Blazor Commerce

Ecommerce application

Blazor CRM

Blazor CRM

Other Projects

I haven't been actively working on these projects recently.


Easy Quotation Manager


Inventory Management System


Human Resource Management System

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