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Health Care Details

Overview & Features
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Confidently Build Production-Ready Apps Using N-Layer Architecture

This comprehensive project will demonstrate the system I employ to ship production-ready application through the implementation of N-Layer Architecture. Gain insights into applying the best practices of modern software architecture and expedite your advancement as a software architect by joining.


Everything You Need To Build Production-Ready Applications With N-Layer Architecture
Project Details & Features:

Your Next Health Care Application

This is a production-ready application complete with full source code , built on the N-Layer architecture, and designed to incorporate the best coding practices. I consistently apply a pragmatic approach throughout the development process.
Automated Shift Booking Health Care System for Healthcare Agencies. The system enables agencies to create and manage profiles for Nurses and Healthcare Assistants (HCAs), allowing them to efficiently manage shifts and perform other tasks.
Comprehensive Multi-Role Access Dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

Accessible to Admins, Agent, HCAs, Nurses, and Facilities

Swedish Farm House
Swedish Farm House
Comprehensive Healthcare Management System

Admin Can Manage Everything

The agent can manage everything except admin information.

Nurse Shift Management

HCA Shift Management

Facility Management

Holiday Management

Compliance Management

Manage HCA Pay Rate

Manage Nurse Pay Rate

Automated Timesheet Generation

And Many More...

Solid Architecture

Built with Best Practices

Monolithic Application

Clean Source Code in a Well-Defined Solution Structure

N-Layered Architecture

Dependency Injection Everywhere

Swedish Farm House
Swedish Farm House

Based on Strong Frameworks

Built on tools you already know

.NET Core 7.x (cross-platform support)


Entity Framework Core Code-First and Migrations


Cross-Cutting Concerns

Automating Repetitive Tasks for Efficiency (DRY)


Implemented Logging Source Generator for High-Performance Logging

Exception Handling


Automatic Audit Trails/Security Logging

Periodic Audit Log Deletion

Swedish Farm House
Swedish Farm House

Setting Management

Efficiently Manage Application Settings

SMTP Management

Easily configurable

Authentication & Authorization

Rich login options and complete authorization system

User Management

Role Management

Based on ASP.NET Identity Framework

User login, register, password-reset, forgot-password and email validation pages

User Active Inactive

Two Factor Authentication (Email, SMS, Google Authenticator) Coming in the next release.

Role based authorization

User Lockout

Audit log report and show all login attempts for users

Password complexity settings

Automatic Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection

Social media logins (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Microsoft Account implemented) Coming in the next release.

Swedish Farm House

High-Quality Testing

Testability is so Important

Testable Architecture

Learn how to test complex systems the right way

Enforce software architecture with architecture tests through NetArchTest.Rules

Includes unit test written with xUnit

Data Generation with Bogus

The application contains more than 500 unit tests.

Includes integration test written with WebApplicationFactory Coming in the next release.

Functional (E2E) testing Coming in the next release.

Includes UI tests written with Playwright Coming in the next release.

Based on MudBlazor

Trusted by thousands of users

Latest version

Swedish Farm House
Swedish Farm House


Production-Ready N-Layer Architecture

Clean Model Layer: Ensures tidy data models.

Data Layer: Manages context and configurations.

DTO Layer: Handles requests and responses.

Clean Repository Layer: Organizes use cases efficiently.

Powerful Service Layer: Executes business logic effectively.

Shared Layer for common utilities.

Elegant Presentation Layer: Enhances user experience.

And More...

Other Highlights

Background Job System (with Hangfire Integration)

Display and Download Logs from the User Interface


Utilizes Various NuGet Packages

After exploring This source code You Will

Confidently use N-Layer Architecture to build amazing projects at your work
Set up production-ready applications with industry best practices
These key features collectively empower your business with a robust and scalable solution.

Change Logs

Note: The change logs here provide summaries of major changes.

Version v1.0 (01-Sep-2024)
Initial Version.
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